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Have you ever wondered why your competitors are listed higher than your business in online search directories?  We have helped increase visibility search results by 50-80%.  With better search results visibility your future customers find you online.  We make your online listings correct, complete and consistent. Business directory optimization Done Right!  This is not web page SEO, this is a separate service that is local SEO not usually done by your website developer.  View your Visibility Audit Report monthly and monitor the progress of your search performance and visibility to your customers.


TransAtlantic Corporate Office in Bonita Springs

TransAtlantic is located at the Bonita Executive Center in Bonita Springs, FL since 2008.  You may mail us at:

8891 Brighton Lane #115

Bonita Springs, FL

34135  or

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Business Development

TransAtlantic LLC has helped over 350 domestic & international companies in the last 20+ years find a business partner; link to the international supply chain; get the tax credits & incentives they deserve; find a new business venture overseas or in the USA, and provide cross-cultural business training and executive team building.  We have extensive background in USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, France & Hungary) and China.

In 2018 we were contracted by Hungarian companies in the wine & food sectors; and we searched for supply chain partners with smart cities, medical technology, software, and smart lighting industries enter the USA.  TransAtlantic is the Brand Ambassador for New Wines of Hungary ( in Florida and the Eastern USA for business development.

Over the past 20+ years TransAtlantic has had business relations, membership or partnered with many organizations, entities and companies, such as:

Alsus GmbH

Cross-Cultural Leadership Forum, and many more.

TransAtlantic's Creative Solutions

TransAtlantic has been a trend-setter from Day 1.  We realized from day 1 that mixing our know-how of Marketing, international business and government was a winning business solution.  We started in 1996 by providing cross-cultural training to US, German and Chinese business managers and government officials before cross-cultural training became a staple to international HR managers.  In 1999, Rick Perry of TransAtantic was appointed by the Minister of Economics of the German State of Brandenburg, as their North American Representative of Economic Development.  See more international business development information on our Services page.

TransAtlantic was quick to enter the field of digital marketing in the mid 1990's and Mr. Perry launched Elektrosign digital signage, a digital marketing and advertising firm with cloud-based digital signage in 2005 in Michigan; and then in 2007 moved the company to Bonita Springs, Florida.  This was in the early pioneering day of cloud-based digital signage.  Elektrosign sold digital products and services in six countries and 17 US states over the course of a decade in business; having done business with the State of Florida, a national chicken fast food franchise, chambers of commerce, executive offices, universities, restaurants and dozens of national hotel brands.   Elektrosign launched innovative products such as touchscreens in hotel lobbies, as well as a QR code mobile app in 2009.

TransAtlantic always prided itself on staying ahead of the digital curve, and in 2017 saw a niche that most web SEO were not providing their companies; as they preferred to focus on building websites.

Many businesses wanted to know why their competitors were beating them out in the search rankings in the local directories; and didn't understand that a good web SEO does not translate to a good Local Digital Presence Management (LDPM) SEO.  These are two different types of searches.  The LDPM is important when your future customer searches (business type & location or lawn service near me or lawn service Bonita Springs).

Our Marketing team has had excellent success increasing our customer's visibility between 50-80% in a very short period of time. We help businesses rank higher, earn more traffic and attract new customers.  Ask us to run your company a FREE Visibility Baseline Report to show you where you stand, and then with our TransAtlantic services benchmark your visibility growth.

TransAtlantic is an active good corporate citizen in the community around Southwest Florida.  We are Charter members and serve on the board of the Rotary Club of Bonita Beach Sunset, and the Foundation of Bonita Beach Sunset Rotary; the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce,  and N.A.P.L.E.S. Group.  TransAtlantic owner, Rick Perry has also served on the board of the SWFL chapter of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association; and served on Rotary District 6960 staff with international scholarships and youth services.

Whether its local digital presence management or domestic international business development, let our experienced team help your company attract new business, get the money you are owed through tax credits & incentives and grow your business.


Business Owners - Let TransAtlantic Help You Recover Tax Dollars You Are Owed

TransAtlantic has a relationship with Your Strategy Partners - Business Advisors for Federal & State Tax Credits (

Did you unknowingly overpay the government?

There are dozens of tax credits & incentives; and most small businesses do not take the tax credits they deserve. (Forbes)  Why?  Most think that the credits are only for Big Business (not true); Some think it will increase their chance of an audit (also not true); Others think their CPA would have told them about it, if they qualified.  While CPA's perform a valuable service, most simply don't spend their time consulting on tax credits, as it is not what they do.  We do work with CPA's to help their clientele get the tax credits they deserve for a win-win-win for the Business Owner, CPA and the success of our efforts.

The Congress has made many tax credits and incentives available to small businesses (Job Creation, Research & Development are just a couple); and since businesses don't get audited every year by their CPA, their CPA has no idea of all the things a business is doing to qualify.  This is where Your Strategy Partners comes in to help the business owner recover their overpayment of taxes; so they can use it for growth and development of their business.  Click "Contact Us" for a 20 minute meeting to learn more; and then we'll have our experts provide you an analysis of how much you are owed - with no upfront costs.  We work on a success fee, and are only paid on tax credits we find that you are owed.  The forensic team we work with has never had a claim denied in 15 years, because our client's claims are thoroughly vetted before you receive your results.  Let us help you recover your overpaid taxes today!  Click "Contact Us" Now.

Next Steps...

TransAtlantic helps people find your business online!  Our award-winning Local Digital Presence Management (LDPM) helps ensure the accuracy and visibility of your business location information on top search engines, dozens of business directories, map listings and social media networks.  Click "Contact Us" for a FREE LDPM Baseline Visibility Report.