Our Approach

Attention to detail and customer care is engrained in our work ethic at TransAtlantic.  Whether it is helping our local or international customers.  We open up new business and supply chains in sales; and we correct the years of misinformation about their companies in over 400+business directories; promoting them on digital signage to attract new customers; providing state-of-the-art digital signage for business information and promotion; or protecting individuals and businesses from ID Theft, and offering quality and affordable legal advice - We understand You Deserve Quality Service.

As a Rotarian owned business, TransAtlantic lives by the Rotary Four-Way Test of the things we think, say and do: 1. Is it the Truth, 2. Is it Fair to all concerned, 3. Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships, 4. Will it be beneficial to All concerned.

Thank you for your business.

Our Story

TransAtlantic was founded in the mid 1990's when Rick Perry used his entrepreneurial background to form the Michigan-based company to help small business owners develop and build their business in the US and abroad.  He combined his international, state government, state association and local business experience to form TransAtlantic.  In 2007 he moved the company to Bonita Springs, Florida, where he  focused the digital signage of the TransAtlantic business under his other company Elektrosign.

Combining his experience as an exchange student in Germany, and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Switzerland with his work in the Michigan House of Representatives and Executive Director of a state educational association, Mr. Perry set up TransAtlantic to help people and businesses succeed  by offering niche services through his business, government, association and international background.

TransAtlantic first started in the 1990's in Michigan training employees in the USA, Canada, Germany and China how to do business overseas through the Cross-Cultural Leadership Forum.  TransAtlantic also organized and facilitated the German Business Roundtable on a monthly basis in Southeast Michigan with over 250 German & American companies attending lunch and learn meetings. His leadership in the German community and past relations as an exchange student led to Mr. Perry's 3-year appointment as the North American Representative for Economic Development for the State of Brandenburg, Germany.  In this capacity the TransAtlantic office helped over 300 German, USA and Canadian small & mid-sized companies expand their businesses and open new product lines and partnering opportunities.  Playing off its background in cross-cultural training, TransAtlantic went on to partner with colleagues in Germany to help US & German technology and automotive related companies launch their businesses in China.

In 2006  Mr. Perry was approached by a Canadian technology (digital signage) company that was interested in him helping them expand in the US and Europe.  So in 2007, he moved TransAtlantic to Bonita Springs, Florida and expanded his digital marketing and advertising business through a new company, Elektrosign. TransAtlantic remained the business consulting arm continuing on assisting companies Human Resources with cross-cultural training and sourcing international employees.

Eleven years later in 2018, TransAtlantic continues to focus on business development and Digital Marketing services for companies in Florida and throughout the world.

Meet the Team

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Rick L Perry

Founder & CEO

A pioneer in digital signage media marketing advertising, Mr. Perry launched TransAtlantic and partner company Elektrosign after a decade of helping international automotive and technology companies with their international expansion of sales and executive development programs.

Mr. Perry was the founding Executive Director in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Forum (CLF).  The CLF trained over 500 business & government executives in the USA, Germany and China.

Mr. Perry got his start as a Legislative Aide to a State Representative in the Michigan House of Representatives working as a district liaison and a staffer on the Appropriations subcommittee of K-12 Education and Community Colleges; then went on to be the Executive Director of the 18 affiliate member Michigan Occupational Education Association with over 1200 career technical education teachers, administrators and community college Deans.

Mr. Perry enjoys traveling, foreign languages (German, French and is learning Spanish), history, live music and all things Rotary.

Debbie Perry - 2017

Debra M. Perry

Director of Marketing

Debbie has an extensive sales, marketing and advertising background with experience across all media channels including web, social, and print.

Her excellent customer service is at the heart of TransAtlantic, as she strives to meet the needs and goals, and exceed the expectations of each client.

Debbie brings a breadth of experience from the paper and printing industries, as well as, medical groups, senior care and associations and local business.

Debbie enjoys live music, traveling, the Florida lifestyle and all things Rotary.

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