What is Local Digital Presence Management?

Search Engines are treating location as an increasingly important factor in search results and website rankings.  As search engine algorithms evolve to match consumer preferences for targeted, mobile-friendly, location-based results, we’ll continue to see a shift toward favoring local businesses in search results. Local search engine optimization (Local SEO) plays a critical role for companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry. Local Digital Presence Management helps business rank higher, earn more traffic and attract new customers.

Your data must properly be distributed via a Data Amplifier network.  This will distribute and publish data to a broader audience than you can reach on your own.  Optimizing and enhancing your local presence makes your business more visible by submitting to strong sites like Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, Facebook, and 35+ Real-Time Syndication Partners.  These directories help business data become more open and accessible so that customers can find your business.  Data amplifiers are important because when data is distributed to data amplifiers, possibilities are created for the data to be used by emerging local search technologies such as wearables, beacons, mobile apps, smart houses and self-driving cars.

Aggregators provide distribution of business data to specific geo-local publishing outlets such as Apple Maps and Google Maps.  For instance, Neustar Localeze distributes business data to more than 100 search platforms, navigation systems and mobile apps such as Nokia and Yahoo.  Factual specializes in making real-time data available via mobile and also boasts relationships with publishers such as Weather Channel and Yelp.

Have you ever wondered why your competitor is listed higher than your business in online local searches?  Find out in my next blog.

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