New Wines of Hungary

New Wines of Hungary ( contracted with TransAtlantic LLC to be a Brand Ambassador in Florida for its Hungarian wineries, and to find wine distributors in Florida, the Southeast, East and Midwest USA.  Most recently TransAtlantic made a splash with these delicious Furmint varietal wines at a crawfish boil in Bonita Springs.  Six wines were presented and paired with the spicy crawfish and vegetables.

50+ people were in attendance and comments were quite positive: "A refreshing smoothness, dry with a tinge of fruit."  "Similar to a Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon blanc without the grassiness or bite on the finish,"  "A creaminess and minerality with great balance and taste with both the spicy crawfish and vegetables," and "refreshing by itself and easy to drink."  All the dry Furmint and blended wines tasted that day pair well with seafood, shellfish, oysters, spicy dishes, lemon-chicken, sushi, Indian, Thai/Vietnamese and surprisingly pair very well with vegetables - red peppers, carrots, tomatoes and hummus.

On July 7, 2018 several wines from New Wines of Hungary ( will be paired with a Blue Crab & Gulf Shrimp boil put on at the Promenade in Bonita Springs in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Bonita Beach Sunset's fundraiser for Rotary & community youth services.


Bonbonetti Chocolates

TransAtlantic is pleased to represent for business development in Florida and the Eastern USA,  a fixture in the confectionary culture of Hungary - BONBONETTI.   TRADITION: With more than 140 years of expertise, this Budapest chocolate company has been making confections for 3 generations. During this time Bonbonetti has developed many new chocolates and flavors that are epoch-making and are now classical.   Check out these Hungarian treats: Tibi pralines, Cherry Queen - Christmas & Valentine holiday chocolates,  Dunakavics and French dragees, and other chocolates and confections.