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International Business Development

TransAtlantic utilizes our 20+ years of contacts to research, identify and contact international distributors and retailers to sell your company's products and services through the US and international supply chain.

We provide branding and business development services for international brands in the US and Canadian markets.





TransAtlantic prides itself on its 20+ years of entrepreneurial services in the business community - local, national and international.  When there are cutting edge services that business owners need to be made aware of, you will find them here at TransAtlantic LLC.

Helping Business Owners reclaim money that is owed them through unclaimed Tax Credits & Incentives is a speciality of TransAtlantic LLC.  93% of small businesses are not claiming the tax credits & incentives they are owed.  TransAtlantic helps you recover this money and use it to help grow your business.

Local Digital Presence Management

We offer all customers a FREE baseline Local Digital Presence Management (LDPM) report to check your company's NAP, Visibility & Directory scores. If your Name, Address & Phone (NAP) is consistent on Google, Bing & Yelp and the top 35+ business directories, the search engines will reward your company with higher placement in the local search by your customers.  If your company ever changed its name, address or phone or listed multiple phone numbers in local directories, we can help you clean this up quickly and efficiently at a surprisingly modest price for such an important service.  This is not Website SEO, this is your  business directory search engine optimization (eg. Air Conditioning and Naples, Florida or Best Chiropractor and Bonita Springs, Florida).

Reach Customers at the Point of Sale/Interest

TransAtlantic's digital marketing and digital advertising has been helping the hospitality, education, medical and business sectors reach their customers at the Point of Sale/Interest for over 10 years.  Our creative and innovative services mix key ingredients for your promotional branding and sales lift.  Vibrant and uncluttered images and clever videos are an important component of this success.  We help you reach the right customers in the right place at the right time with the right message.    Contact us today at:



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